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Friday, 19 November 2010


Hey guys! It's been a while since I did a proper post, so this is awesome!

Yeah awesome!

Huh? Oh!

Oh hi...


Because I wanna do a post. So I will. Hi guys! Have you all been helping Manny? I have but my awful sister didn't.

I did so! Sorry guys, this is my brother Mariolover101. I'm sorry but he WONT be posting here. So bye mario!


So anyway, have you guys been helping Manny? I have, and I can't wait to see the igloo! So like comment if you want, and say what you think the igloo will look like!


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

HUGE Shout Out!

This Huge shout out is for Amanta! Who is awsome and I have her as my best friend and...
She is the best. And she always puts up with my mistakes!   

 and I am so sorry Amanta for logging out at the interview...

She also has the best blog you will ever see!
So click HERE to go to her blog!

Sorry to my other friends who have blogs but Amanta is my bestest friend.


Monday, 15 November 2010

Shout Out!

Big shout out to Connor for everything today!!! Thank you Connor and your awsome blog!
Oh and if you want to give someone a shout-out please coment and I will shout-out for you!!!


My friends blog

Ok so I have a friend called Amanta and she has a blog at and my other friend has a blog at
So check them out! Oh and if you have a blog then please tell me and I will visit and comment!
(and maybe I will mention your blog here...


Saturday, 13 November 2010


I want panfu to link my blog!

The Lantern Trail. (and SweetLily)

Have you completed the lantern trail? If you have tell me what you think of it! I completed it with my friend Ellie yesterday. It was fun both of us walking round the trail turning on all the lanterns. It was very dark but the lanterns made it brighter. Whad finished and we were at our prize when  Ellie screamed with laughter! I asked what was so funny, and she told me that the prize was just perfect for the weather we were having!


Oh! So sorry! Everyone this is SweetLily. She might post some times so keep a look out!

Yeah! Hi everyone! I will write in green so you know it's me.

So anyway. You should all post and say hi to SweetLily!

           LolaRose & SweetLily

Saturday, 6 November 2010


Starting today! Professor Bookworm's latest invention, the amazing telepandathy! So have you tried it?  It is useful in lots of ways! For example, you know when someone asks you a question on Panfu and you start to type, but it takes you forever, and your friend is asking if you are even listening? Well now when you start to type a sign comes up above your head! So everyone knows you are typing! I have a panda who was talking to their friend about telepandathy with me here. So what do you think about the telepandathy... umm...

The name's Mileyxo. So what do I think? It's awsome! I always know what my friend is doing even if they don't tell me!

Right, so Mileyxo do you think there are there any bad things about telepandathy?

Well... if we are playing hide and seek then it tells you where the other person is going, but sometimes they change hiding place anyway!

Thanks Mileyxo. So there it is pandas! Telepathy! The latest invention on Panfu! Go talk to Professor Bookworm to her more about it.

          LolaRose & Mileyxo

P.S.  Try to guess which of these is the sign for typing and put it in the comments to tell me! Oh, and if you know what the rest are for you can post that too.